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 ~  live. your. style. ~  as explained by Rebecca Robeson live. "Every home I design is customized to fit each client's specific wishes, budget considerations and lifestyle. I find there is a place for everything and everything has its place -that's where true living begins". your. "When you look through my portfolio, you discover many different styles and tastes. That is because each project is designed exclusively with the client in mind. I put myself in their shoes and it becomes easy for me to create a home that is uniquely theirs". style. "This is where I pour it on! Every home I design suits its homeowner perfectly, but it is my job to incorporate more style than anyone would ordinary feel comfortable pulling together on his/her own. This becomes the WOW factor every client is ultimately looking for!".
Staircase Design Why save the detail and innovation for the design of the main rooms only? The staircase itself can offer a breathtaking display of beauty. Though often perceived as the “in-between” spaces, staircases are arguably one of the most trafficked parts of a home. These two custom wrought iron staircase designs are so beautiful they become the final [...] Read more on our press blog

The Guest Suite Summer is upon us and  many will be playing host to out of town guests. What better way to make your company feel more welcome and at home then to provide them with the same comfort and amenities of a modern and luxurious hotel. This Guest Suite project highlights tips to give your guests the [...]  Read more on our press blog

Luxe Modern-Kitchen This  kitchen is a continuation of our previously highlighted Luxe Modern project. Here, focal impact is created by using contrasting elements of light and dark. The rich espresso cabinetry acts as a backdrop for the bright white pendant lighting and modern accessories. As throughout the rest of the home, botanical accents and bright pops of [...]  Read more on our press blog

Luxe Modern As featured in Luxe Magazine, this is a project that fully embraces the Southern California lifestyle.  While the vibe is casual and cool, unique and unexpected textural accents keep the aesthetic modern and edgy. On the fireplace, 3D textured panels turn something once ordinary into a stunning work of art. Colored diamond rocks add a twist [...]  Read more on our press blog

Children's Room Decor When decorating a child’s room it is important to keep in mind that they are often multi functional spaces. Not only do children want a space that is as fun and imaginative as they are , but one that also reflects their own personal tastes and style.   Children utilize their rooms in many ways; for doing [...]  Read more on our press blog

Unexpected Window Treatments For inspiring design ideas that think outside of the box, look no further! The following project photos are examples of what you can achieve by using a little creativity. Mixed with unexpected accents, these Window Treatments are anything but ordinary.   Wood Screen Room Dividers are placed in the middle of each window Scrolled Iron Work custom fit [...]  Read more on our press blog

Welcome Summer! There is nothing like summer in San Diego. Beautiful weather, great beaches, and tons of seaside decorating inspiration! To start off  your  fabulous seaside summer, no matter which coast you find yourself on, here are three design tips given to us by Rebecca and featured in the July 2009 issue of  San Diego Home & [...]  Read more on our press blog

Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot Robeson Design has had the honor of being featured  in numerous magazines. One of our  all time favorites is Luxe Magazine. Photo shoots are a major production, as so much preparation goes into every detail, making each shot just right.  Here’s a behind the scenes look at a recent photo shoot we had for an [...]  Read more on our press blog

The Glamour of Erte This Client’s Art Deco inspired Wine Room is an ode to the artist Erte. The story of this room begins tragically in the fiery year of  2003, as the Cedar Fires set ablaze countless neighborhoods in the San Diego area. Fortunately the story ends well for our Clients as they made it to safety with [...]  Read more on our press blog